Nature Nanotech: nanoparticles influence iron uptake and change the sizes of macrovilli in the gut

Gretchen J. Mahler, Mandy B. Esch, Elad Tako, Shivaun D. Archer, Raymond P. Glahn, Michael L. Shuler, Oral Exposure to Nanoparticles Affects Essential Nutrient Absorption.  Nature Nanotechnology, 2012, 7, 264–271  (this publication was covered by the MRS bulletin and Science Daily.)

This paper describes the effects of nanoparticle injestion on the GI tract epithelium. Using in vitro analysis and in vivo models (chicken), we found that nanoparticle injestion affects nutrient (iron) uptake negatively, and that the body compensates in the long term by increasing the surface of the its GI tract epithelium. This study looks at non-lethal, long-term effects of nanoparticles, finding that real physiologic consequences arise from nanoparticle injestion.

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