LOC 2014: A two-organ system is more sensitive to damage by nanoparticles than single tissues in isolation

LOC ribbon-01Mandy B. Esch, Gretchen J. Mahler, Tracy Stokol, Michael L. Shuler, Body-on-a-Chip simulation with gastrointestinal and liver tissue suggests that ingested nanoparticles have the potential to cause liver injuryLab on a Chip, 2014, 14, 3081-3092.

In this paper we present a microfluidic two-organ system with GI tract tissue and liver tissue that interact with each other through soluble metabolite exchange. The results obtained with this system suggest that two-organ systems can detect toxicity at lower concentrations of 50 nm carboxylated nanoparticles than either of the two in vitro tissues alone. In addition, the GI tract epithelium filters out nanoparticle aggregates, preventing them from entering the systemic circulation and allowing passage to single nanoparticles only.

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